Brussels Sprouts Italian Style with Bacon Recipe

Brussels Sprouts Italian Style with Bacon Recipe

Brussels sprouts Italian style with bacon

Brussels Sprouts Italian Style with Bacon


1 grated lemon zest
1 clove of garlic
1 tablespoon of olive oil
3 sprigs of oregano fresh
1 bit of pepper
3 sprigs of rosemary fresh
150 grams of bacon
500 grams sprouts cleaned
2 tablespoons of Taggiasche olives
3 pieces of tomatoes
1 piece of onion
1 bit of salt

2 persons
Cooking time
15 minutes


  1. Clean the onion and cut it into half-moons.
  2. Clean the clove of garlic and chop it fine.
  3. Put a tablespoon of olive oil in a wok.
  4. Add the bacon.
  5. Add the onion.
  6. Add the garlic.
  7. Add the sprouts.
  8. Stir fry the whole well.
  9. Meanwhile cut the tomatoes into cubes.
  10. Add the tomato cubes.
  11. Add the Taggiasche olives.
  12. Pick the leaves of rosemary and oregano from the twigs and finely chop them.
  13. Grate the zest of the lemon and add it to the rosemary and oregano.
  14. Add some salt and pepper and mix it into a kind of spice mix.
  15. Divide the dish over the plates and garnish with the spice mix.
  16. Ready are the sprouts Italian style with bacon! Enjoy your meal!
About the sprouts Italian style with bacon recipe
This sprout recipe, Italian style with bacon, is a concept of my wife. I was home later that night and my wife would take care of the food. Shot in the rose! I came in and it smelled fantastic and it was really great!

Did you think that sprouts used to be so dirty? And do you like them now? This may be because you have come to appreciate them more, but also because of something else. By spreading and further development sprouts have become less bitter in recent years.

The sprout has undergone a major development in the past forty years. An employee of the company Syngenta, which develops the seeds with which it is grown, says that the sprout is more resistant to all weather types, but is also milder in taste. That only succeeded a few years ago.


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