Lactose free shopping

Lactose free shopping

Lactose free shopping

"Honey, what do you want for dinner tonight?" The answer: "Do whatever!" Fortunately, I'm always come up with something so I pull armed with my shopping bag towards the supermarket. Upon entry are the ready-to-eat products pontifical into my field of vision. Sometimes it's just nice to do something easy. Unfortunately, just as something easy for lactose intolerant not there, because almost all of these products contain lactose. Exceptions of course. And a half years ago, for example, I could buy a ready-made microwave dish nasi. Since the recipe has been updated (now even better 'is written on the packaging) I may not now. The addition of lactose makes the difference. Whether even better is I can not try, but it's for fabricating the manufacturer now cheaper, is to me like a sore thumb. Who needs less 'expensive' ingredients and adds to lactose to still get the right amounts. Fortunately, there are alternatives and I'm now completely own the rice.

Some supermarkets think with me and clearly on the packaging indicated the ingredients, sometimes even with an icon. At the beginning of my lactose intolerant there was still quite a hassle to find products that I could eat, but now I fly almost through the supermarket. But herein lies a small risk. Because I'm so used to buy certain products, I do not look at the packaging. It happens that I, as the tiles already on the fire, still just read what is in it, and then to come to the discovery that the product so beloved by me is not suitable for me. 

It also happens that when no lactose ingredients listed, but it is still hidden in an added 'e-nummertje. Sometimes it is really hard to believe what all is in such an E-number. All to the products just nice to show off, and as long as possible to make sustainable. The manufacturer forgets only that nowadays many people are intolerant or allergic to certain additives. It is time to show this in the manufacturers! Here I also am doing, among other things on my website but what I try; it is always spoke to two things: number one is money and number two is the fact that the manufacturers are of the opinion that it is not all that bad.

Luckily I have a very nice supermarket around the corner: Franchise Lodder Albert Heijn in Spijkenisse. If I need anything, skying trouble for example by trying to order a product. The owner has a wide range of lactose-free products only in my region. People from Utrecht Zealand or even coming this way to store these messages! Of course I am very happy with this (it does it all for me even easier), but might actually this country should be so I would say: come in large supermarkets, raise your necks out and make our lactose intolerant happy! A better win-win situation is not possible in my opinion.


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