Kale the superfood

Kale the superfood

Kale the superfood

No, kale really is not just good in a stew. You can handle it very well in a salad or in a blender with a smoothie! Kale belongs on the FoodExplorer of 'alternative superfoods', here you can read more about the what and why of this list. The products we are bombing to alternative superfoods from closer to home, are cheaper and usually just buy at the supermarket. At the same time they often contain at least the same beneficial nutrients as well known superfoods. For 'super' is often closer to home than you think! Today kicks off with kale and then follow include almonds, garlic, asparagus and avocado.

What's in kale?
Vitamin K, vitamin A and vitamin C, vitamin B11, B6, B3 and B2, vitamin E. These vitamins are also in nice quantities: 250 g kale contains 180% of the vitamin C you need daily! In terms of minerals, kale is also male: manganese and copper to calcium. But also potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus sit in it. In addition to vitamins and minerals are also glucosinolates in kale, as well as many anti-oxidants.

Kale the superfood

What's good in kale?
1. Anti-oxidants that we mentioned above include carotenoids and flavonoids that protect cells against free radicals that can cause damage to the DNA in the cells.

2. Vitamin K (of which 250 grams of kale contains a whopping 1300% of the RDA, and no, that's not a typo) helps prevent inflammation in the body. All vitamins in kale together include more good for your bones, teeth, resistance and immune system.

3. A trace elements such as iron kale is good for creating hemoglobin in your blood, but is also good for your liver.

4. The glycemic index (1 is lowest, 100 the highest) of kale is also 22-35, which means that it is broken down relatively slowly and your blood sugar levels do not shoot up.

Inspired? Then make this salad with kale, pumpkin and pomegranate seeds! We ourselves are also impressed by the power of the green sheet, so tomorrow is going Claartje make a smoothie with kale, kaki fruit and wheat grass powder. Do yourself a dish with the alternative superfood kale. Do you have any additional information on kale and what all there in it for good things? Please comment below. Thanks!


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