Dinner recipe: Pheasant from the oven with oyster mushrooms, garlic and truffle butter

Dinner recipe: Pheasant from the oven with oyster mushrooms, garlic and truffle butter

Dinner recipe: Pheasant from the oven with oyster mushrooms, garlic and truffle butter

Wild is an excellent choice for your dinner. Wild sounds complicated, and I can not make it much better than it is, it is also more complicated than baking an egg. But on the other hand it is not so difficult that you have to be a chef for it. This recipe is, incidentally, to a chef Ben Tish Restaurant Ember Yard in Berwick Street in Soho, London. He makes these roasted pheasant on the barbecue, I'll do him nicely in the oven. Saves a lot of hassle with coal and air thermometers.

This recipe is suitable as a main dish for eight people. Wild dries out quickly because it is such lean meat, but by salting it and grease (tip of the chef!), You're guaranteed a moist and tender piece of pheasant. Instead of pheasant you can actually use a fine (small) chicken - which are around the Christmas period even just get at most supermarkets.


1. Brine
Make first the brine, by dissolving the salt in the water. Let the pheasants 2 and a half-hour soak in the brine.

2. Truffle Butter
Please  fix the truffle butter in the meantime: melt the butter in a pan (or make him soft anyway) and stir in the truffle oil and fresh truffle possibly through. Put the butter, then put in a bowl in the refrigerator, so that it becomes hard again.

3. Pheasant
Dep  pheasants after the 2.5 hour brining dry with paper towels or a cloth.

Season the pheasant with salt, pepper and olive oil.

Divide the slices of pancetta on a baking dish. This fold you later for the pheasants it (the pancetta, not the dish).

Spread a tablespoon of truffle butter over the pheasant and place each pheasant breast side down in the baking dish on top of the pancettaplakjes.

Fold the slices of pancetta around the pheasants around. It's a little tinkering, but using the butter and some kneading and pushing with your hands pancetta remains if the property is reasonably sit.

Divide  there are some truffle butter; the more the better.

Place the pheasant in the refrigerator for 20 minutes so that they are firm and the pancetta stay in place.

Preheat  the oven at the end of these 20 minutes, fixed at 170 degrees Celsius.

Remove  the baking dish with the pheasants from the refrigerator, and cook them first 25 minutes on their backs in the preheated oven (even turn around so when you pull them out of the fridge!).

Turn the pheasants after 25 minutes to the chest side.

Bake  for 5 minutes and then check with a meat thermometer in the thickest part of the pheasant (in the thigh) and the core temperature is 60 degrees. If that is not the case, so the pheasants late than 5 minutes longer in the oven.

Remove the pheasant from the oven and let them rest for 10 minutes. Spread some more truffle butter over the pheasants (but beware: keep some truffle butter over the mushrooms!).

4. Garnish 
Make  the topping: Cut the mushrooms into large chunks and set aside.

Fry  the mushrooms briefly with the remaining truffle butter (1-2 tablespoons) in a saucepan until they dwindle. Then add the garlic and fry for 2-3 minutes on high heat, until the garlic is golden.

Remove the pan with the mushrooms from heat and spread it over the pheasants. The extra butter ensures that the pheasants stay nice and juicy.

Serve the pheasants on a beautiful plate with the melted butter, oyster mushrooms and garlic and enjoy!


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