Coffee Myths tackled: coffee is healthy!

Coffee Myths tackled: coffee is healthy!

Coffee Myths tackled: coffee is healthy!

I must confess something: I'm hooked. Now comes mom fixed her stokkie, so let me get straight to make it clear that it only comes with a coffee addiction. That this is not really consistent with the image that most people have of me (über healthy), I understand. The general view is that coffee dehydrates and that is not really healthy. I can tell you, if that's a truism would have been, than I had in my 30 e really no longer looked like a girl of 18 (at least, that last one I make myself like wise).

The liquid anti-wrinkle cream
Now of course you fall from your stokkie because you thought I'm 18 and not 30 (which also I make myself like wise). How does she do that ?! Well so: coffee is packed with antioxidants, which slow turn aging. Coffee is therefore actually a kind of anti-aging, but a very nice that you can drink accompanied by a delicious cookie. This tip we keep just between us.

Coffee dries out?
Back to the drying effects of coffee. Well what can I say about this. That effect is actually not determined at all. What is determined is that coffee 95% consists of water. The rest consists of caffeine. By drinking coffee you fill so indeed you to moisture. In addition, experimental evidence of Silva et al. (2013) that there is no difference in moisture loss between moderate drinking and little coffee. Side note is that this result holds for an experiment among men. The research therefore gives the indication that this effect may be the same among women, but on this we should not walk too far ahead. Women are driven by their hormones after all slightly different in each other to moisture.

Reduced risk of heart failure
Coffee dries so no matter. I feel therefore not totally guilty about my coffee addiction. In fact, I would argue that you are daily at least a cup meedrinkt. Or rather, four cups of coffee. Four cups of coffee per day decreases the risk of heart failure by 11% (Mostofsky, E. et al., 2012). That's quite a statement, which I like to put into perspective by pointing out that with the combination of four cups of coffee a day and a lifestyle of chain smoking, overnight strike and with your jacket open outside run that 11% of course never going to get.

On socks get your exams
Looking back on my college days, I have for the students among us still have a nice tip: do you have an exam, shall never - I repeat never - the examination hall without a good shot of coffee. Really true: the Bread Case station on the South with her coffee the main sponsor of my Master was. One cup of coffee helps even all to concentrate better, because the amount of caffeine in one cup your alertness improved significantly already. Thus coffee is also going to help you get your diploma. Providing you with that, of course, do your best to study and look up your bed on time.

Increased sports performance
I would not be or have not been all these years myself if I do not koffietip regarding sports would share with you. Yes, here also has its positive contribution in coffee! Namely coffee helps improve athletic performance (speed, strength, duration, resistance, fatigue and concentration). Without too much going into detail, this is because caffeine affects the production of adrenaline, which stimulates the production of energy and, in turn, improves blood supply to the muscles and heart. That you even know. Sports with a cup of coffee or two under their belts (one hour to fifteen minutes before you exercise) will never be the same.

A cup of coffee will increase your sports performance. A raw power strip with it also does wonders though. Finally, one last tip: if you are not a fan of coffee? Perhaps a latte or a cappuccino with homemade almond milk or homemade cashew banana dadelmelk something for you? If you do that do not get away (I can hardly believe it), you can always fall back on coffee in a capsule. 


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– Silva A. M. et al (2013) Total body water and its compartments are not affected by ingesting a moderate dose of caffeine in healthy young adult males. Applied Physiology Nutrition & Metabolism, 38:626-632


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