Broccoli stilton soup

Broccoli stilton soup

Broccoli stilton soup

My name is Claartje, and I'm a cheesehead. Whatever you carry me; if there is cheese in, on or near is I like it. The broccoli soup is basically healthy (broth, vegetables, nothing else), but to make it more exciting I add very much like a large piece of blue cheese - such as Stilton. This crumbly blue cheese has a spicy, intense flavor that I find very good combination with broccoli.

Be the best broccoli al dente in the stock, which grind in the blender and make the soup in a blender, then mix in the cheese. Keep a few grains cheese separately to garnish. This recipe makes 4-6 servings of soup.


Boil the broccoli cooked in the broth gallon.

Put  the broccoli and broth in a blender or mix with a hand blender.

Add the crumbled cheese into pieces. Keep a small amount of cheese to garnish separately.

Serve immediately.


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