5 Tips: Avoid over-eating during holiday dinner

5 Tips: Avoid over-eating during holiday dinner

5 Tips: Avoid over-eating during holiday dinner

It all sounds somewhat contradictory after reading the title of this article, but before I start on how to avoid overeating: do not forget to enjoy during the holiday dinner. It's party time, you're with family, there is plenty and abundant food; that is something to appreciate and be grateful for. But we also want to experience healthy and as many holiday dinners, so we want to be obese after a holiday dinner. Right?

1. Don't make yourself Hunger 
Prevent you start with dire pull the holiday dinner. It is tempting to think that it helps to eat all day little to nothing so you can go wild at dinner, but it is counterproductive. You're probably so starved that you poured directly on the nuts and snacks, so you already have a meal in before dinner is well and truly begun. Rather eat two to three hours before the dinner starts some yoghurt (protein) with fruits and nuts (fats), or a small salad with chickpeas (protein) and smoked chicken (more protein). Proteins and fats saturate longer than carbohydrates (so eat rather not fruit or a slice of bread with jam) and thereby ensure that you sit down without great appetite for holiday dinner. Which is convenient, because it helps you in the following the following tips!

2. Small portions 
Choose small portions at bragging. Not only makes sure you can taste more different things and you do not stuffing, but you eat slower. Just be careful that you do not create three times your plate full with small portions, because then you eat net obviously still far too many. Personally I like the rule that I like best my board still must create a second full time (hello, hey it's holiday!), But that I third time skip so I enough space on hold for a dessert.

3. Eat more green 
vegetables, salads - fill your plate with that. A very simple measure: the more colorful looks like your plate, the healthier it is. Scoop therefore primarily on several salads or vegetable dishes so that fill 2/3 of your plate. Let meat, poultry or fish with potato or rice dishes fill the remaining space on your plate.

4. Sports day 
course you want your hours of toil in the cook, socialize with the family or playing games. However, try to do during the day as exercise, preferably outdoors. Take a brisk walk, take the bike to get some last minute shopping, go a little run or swim in the gym. You put the burning as it were 'on'; see it as the engine of your body is going to work. And that's fine, because you're going to give your body a lot of fuel in the evening!

5. Drink
No, not just champagne. Make sure you get enough water! Drink a large glass of water before eating and grab at dinner not just your wine glass, but as well for your water glass. A useful measure: try to drink a glass of wine each as big glass of water. So in total you drink less alcohol, enter to get inside your stomach without extra calories and - last but not least - you ensure that you get less drunk. And that in turn helps to prevent cravings. So you this year while clearing the dinner in the kitchen yet the scale of the tiramisu is to lick (yup, I've been there), or secretly move the leftovers inside which should be tomorrow's dinner. 


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