Stuffed pepper with coconut rice

Stuffed pepper with coconut rice

Stuffed pepper with coconut rice
Food for stressed women

Stuffed pepper with coconut rice


200 g Basmati, (pre-cooked)
200 g Pumpkin flesh (inserted from the glass), diced
4 small Pepper (s), red (best Spitzpaprika)
2 Clove (s), finely chopped
100 ml Coconut milk (unsweetened, canned)
125 ml Vegetable stock, (Instant)
200 g sour cream
50 g Butter
1/2  Confederation Parsley, coarsely chopped
  salt and pepper
  Cayenne pepper
4 Portions

Hours: ca. 20 min. / Degree of difficulty: simple / calories p. P .: not specified

Rice finish cooking according to package indication. Preheat the oven (175 °). Peppers in half, clean, wash, salt and pepper (stems turn blank). Drain rice, mix with coconut milk, pumpkin, garlic and season with cayenne pepper. Fill mixture into the peppers. Ovenproof dish with a tablespoon of butter grease, place peppers in and give the rest of the butter in small pieces over the peppers. Pour broth and about 15 minutes in the oven to bake. Parsley with sour cream mix, season with salt and pepper. Give the pepper halves before serving 1-2 teaspoons each. 


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