Pasta salad with spinach and pine nuts

Pasta salad with spinach and pine nuts

Pasta salad with spinach and pine nuts
Delicious, refined summer salad. Is it possible to eat well, as long as it is still warm


400 g Noodles (best Fussili or spiral pasta)
  Salt water
1 pack. arugula
75 g Pine nuts
200 g Spinach, fresh as possible
1 Shot Olive oil
1 Shot Balsamic, dark
  salt and pepper
1/2  toe / n Garlic
75 g Parmesan

Hours: ca. 30 min. / Degree of difficulty: simple / calories p. P .: not specified

Cook the pasta in salted water and let cool in a large bowl. In a pan roast the pine nuts in olive oil. Remove from the heat and then add the spinach and squeeze the garlic over it. The best again to give a splash of oil and put the whole thing aside. The oil will absorb the taste of garlic, spinach and seeds and gives the salad later a more intense flavor. Give everything to the noodles in the bowl and mix. When everything is completely cooled, add salt to taste even pepper, balsamic and if necessary, a little oil. Finally, grate the Parmesan in larger pieces about Mix again and rasps for decoration plan. 


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