Asparagus From The Oven

Asparagus From The Oven

Asparagus from the oven
Perfect for guests - Otherwise you will then probably no longer eat asparagus

Asparagus From The Oven

2 kg asparagus, white
4 tsp butter
2 tsp sugar (preferably brown sugar, it is also normal)
For 4 Portions

Working time: about 20 minutes / Difficulty:. Simple / p calories. P .: approximately 135 kcal

The asparagus is cooked in its own juices and so gets a wonderfully full taste of its own. Comparing cooked with it is the cooked almost bland. Since I tried this here, like the asparagus cooked differently with us no more.

Try to put yourself not to thick rods, I prefer so 1-1.5 cm thick rods. The are nicely tender and has little waste. First, peel the asparagus thoroughly and cut off the ends. The oven also 200 ° C or 180 ° C convection preheat.

The two sheets of aluminum foil superimpose and each give a half teaspoon of butter on it. 8-10 rods asparagus (depending on thickness of asparagus, the packets should not be too large because otherwise they cook not so good, rather do more - talk need be lighter warm) on top. Each bundle with half a teaspoon of sugar and a good pinch of salt sprinkle, then close the first sheet film about it and the pages also - not tight wrap parcels, but as a bag folding top. Then close the second sheet as well.

Place on the rack in the oven and 40 - wait 50 minutes. Whether the asparagus is cooked, you can test if you have a packet a little bend, the lighter the go, the softer the asparagus.

What comes next is certainly not professional, but worked just fine: My guests arrived about 40 minutes late, during this time I have kept the asparagus parcels in bed under the covers warm and then when we have gradually eaten retrieved , That was great, so we had all the time wonderful hot asparagus.

For very large servings: take a high drip pan of the oven, easy Brush with butter, spread the asparagus on per kilo 2 tsp butter, a teaspoon of sugar and a good pinch of salt spread on it, close the drip pan with aluminum foil (must be properly sealed) and in the pre-heated to 200 ° C oven (convection C 180 °) for about 50 minutes (from 40 minutes cost times, depending on thickness of asparagus needs more or less time) from.

With us there to nut butters (has nothing to do with nuts! See another recipe) and new potatoes.

And now: Bon appetit! Really good tastes or guests, all is far from finished, and you have time for the guests (and yourself).


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