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Leafy vegetables? It should again: Day nitrate fear!

Written By Mr. Food Explorer on Friday, March 18, 2016 | 9:17 AM

Leafy vegetables? It should again: Day nitrate fear!

Your mother has used itu probably been told you: "Spinach not heat up again though!". The opinion of the Nutrition Center had since 2002 namely to eat nitrate-rich vegetables up to two times per week. Spinach, beetroot and endive are vegetables that are high in nitrate. Nitrate is a non-hazardous substance, but can be converted in the body into harmful nitrosamines. This substance is possibly carcinogenic. Especially the (often) heating the vegetable can accelerate the conversion. would create more nitrosamines in combination with fish.

Last week, the Food Centre withdrew these opinions with regard to nitrate-rich vegetable. We can fully enjoy spinach again. The Nutrition Centre will encourage eating more vegetables outweigh the disadvantages of nitrate. In addition, the amount of nitrosamines that occur too small for health risks. There are two opinions regarding nitrate which are still valid, namely:

- Do not use water from private sources for bottle feeding. Namely ground water is also nitrate. 
- Be cautious with nitrate-rich sports supplements such as beet juice (concentrate). This is a precaution, because its effects are unclear in the long term.

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