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Healthy tiramisu for breakfast with oatmeal and berries Optimel Greek Style

Written By Mr. Food Explorer on Saturday, November 14, 2015 | 8:53 AM

Tiramisu for breakfast
One of the reasons I became a food blogger is that you get certain privileges

Healthy tiramisu for breakfast with oatmeal and berries Optimel Greek Style

So I get new products often taste first - sometimes even before the products in the store are available. Because Optimel main sponsor was the We Love Smoothies workshop all the participants of the workshop were the new season flavored yoghurt Greek style, taste berries, too trials for he well and truly hit the shelves. I like this. And since I happen to be fond of healthy breakfasts, I made a super simple tiramisu that you can eat very well as breakfast. Because the tiramisu is I added a few long fingers, for the idea. Which you can of course leave out. This recipe makes two servings.

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Optimel Greek Style Variation Forest Fruits 300g
Muesli 6 tablespoons
Blueberries 4 tablespoons
2 tablespoons coconut shavings
1 banana pieces
Two espresso cups
Ladyfingers 4 pieces

Let the ladyfingers briefly soak in a little coffee. I poured the coffee into a bowl, the ladyfingers broke into pieces and put the pieces in the coffee. Start with a layer of yoghurt Greek style in both the bowls or pots where you make it to breakfast. Make sure you are left with half the yogurt. If you do not use Optimel does a different kind of Greek yogurt also fine, but if you are just such a sweet tooth like me it is nice to add still jam or honey.

Then comes a layer of banana. Arrange the banana slices over the two bowls or jars. Divide the granola over the following two bowls. Heen about the pieces go into coffee-soaked long finger. Push a little bit, because now there's another layer of yoghurt Greek style. Garnish the 'tiramisu' with the blueberries, blueberries and possibly an extra long finger. Enjoy!

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